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Here you can get the Financial Tools I use in my books and workshops to help you create Financial Greatness. As a bonus I have included my Budget Webinar where I show you step by step on how to use the World's Greatest Budget.

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Meet Louis Barajas

About Me

Louis is the author of 5 books, including My Street Money – A Street View of Managing Your Money From the Heart to the Bank; Small Business Big Life for Women – 7 Secrets for Designing A Business to Help You Live Your Best Life; The Latino Journey to Financial Greatness – 10 Steps to Creating Wealth and Happiness for You and Your Family; Small Business – Big Life; and Overworked Overwhelmed and Underpaid. All his books and speeches are aimed at helping people with the financial challenges that life brings with money, and how to turn the obstacles with inspiring tools to find the meaning and purpose they desire.